About The Error Engine

The errorengine.org is an art and technology collective whose participants are interested in the nature of narrative. In order to experiment with narratives generated partly by machine we developed a software environment called the Error Engine.

The Error Engine enables installations of self-evolving narrative. It is a system designed to create performances in language that are authored collaboratively by humans and machines. A work in progress involving a writer, a digital artist, and a computer scientist, the engine was envisioned as a virtual loom, a writing machine given the task of learning to evolve its own prose from the fragments and programmatic instructions of the author(s). The work takes the visual form of a single, fluid digital page that is continuously transforming, weaving and re-weaving itself together in response to the interactions of the reader.

The narrative, represented visually and sonically, evolves throughout the period of an installation, and the process of this always-changing, always-disappearing work leaves a trace in the form of physical pages and artifacts within the space. The walls of the gallery are considered as inscribable surfaces housing a dialogue between the printed and the virtual word.

A web version of this work is in development.

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